Graeme Haskett


Susan Scallan. Future Coaching Ltd.

"Graeme has great insight and empathy as well as a detailed knowledge and understanding of the employment regulations. He listens and is very supportive, keeping you focused and on track. Excellent value for money and a great guy to have at your back".

Candy Bowman, CBPM Ltd.

"Graeme provides excellent support and attitude along with a great wealth of knowledge. I really appreciate his input".

Nigel Wilmshurst, Heritage Blast Cleaning.

“Graeme helped me focus on what was important for the success of the business - getting my marketing and sales plan right, creating a competitive pricing structure that was flexible enough to suit the differing needs of a varied customer base, freeing up my time to concentrate on securing new business. His knowledge and experience are invaluable assets”.

Sharon White, Whitton Precision Ltd.

"What to do, what not to do, which direction to take, when to do it and how? So much to know and so many things to consider! Graeme guided me through the maze and advised and instructed me all the way. His manufacturing knowledge and general business skills made all the difference to our company and, just as important, he was so easy to talk to".

Tony Wills, Wills, Watson & Associates.  

“Graeme immediately understands what is needed and cuts through the red tape to deliver the desired results. He does what it says on the tin. I highly recommend Graeme”.

Stephen Moon, Managing Director, Venturn Ltd.

"Graeme operated with speed and efficiency, during an extremely difficult and high-pressure situation. Getting to grips with the businesses’ complex trading issues and acute financial difficulties, he quickly gained the trust of the demoralised and suspicious existing workforce. He was then able to give an objective view on the current situation, reporting matters in a factual and concise manner, quickly agreeing a plan which he executed with the full support of the team".

Niki Cole, HR Director, OCS Engineering Ltd.  

“Graeme is a strong manager with excellent people management skills. His awareness of employment law is excellent, allowing him to plan and implement change management through to success. He understands the complexities of individuals and works with this to achieve his goals”.

Mark Addison, Financial Director, OCS Engineering Ltd.

“Graeme is an extremely competent and highly proficient change agent, accustomed to working in the most difficult of circumstances with a wide range of challenging characters. I found Graeme to be very insightful and tenacious with an excellent all round senior management capability. He was a pleasure to work with, and I would be pleased to work with him again in some capacity”.  

Celia Hopkins, Asset Services Director, SBS and Rotherham 2010 Ltd.

“Graeme and I have worked together twice. He is an excellent change manager who delivers results and is respected by colleagues for his forthright, straightforward style and approach. He has a broad range of skills which he applies enthusiastically to his roles”.    

Sharon Bryan, Transformation Consultant, Rotherham 2010 Ltd.

“Graeme has a genuine passion for ‘making a difference’ for both individuals and organisations. His skill, knowledge and ability enable the achievement of tangible results irrespective of adversity. He is a real inspiration to work with. I cannot recommend Graeme highly enough and in particular to those who want to change their culture and increase efficiency. I would welcome the chance to work with Graeme again”.  

Michael Thain, Head of Place Development.

“Graeme joined the team and provided a much needed check and challenge role. Until then we could not get to the bottom of why things we wanted to work, didn’t. He brought clarity, and then action where it was needed most, even when it made things uncomfortable. He’s pretty fearless. We’ve made significant improvement and have a much stronger and more strategic plan as a result. I fully intend to employ him again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him”.

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