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Change is always best delivered in an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary way,

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Change is essential yet we often fight it, because we fear the unknown, the possibility of losing something of value, of leaving our comfort zone, because we don't understand the change and its implications, because we don't think the change makes sense, or because we find it difficult to cope with the level or pace of change.

Change is always best delivered in an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary way, although circumstance and people often prohibit or make this option very difficult.

‘FACILITOR’ shows how to overcome these and other managerial challenges, using techniques and methods managers are comfortable with, and therefore that they won’t hesitate to use.

This is because the ‘FACILITOR’ way, rather than trying to make a manager’s character and personality fit into the straight-jacket of an ‘off the peg’ methodology, is to show them how to incorporate tried and tested basic principles into their very own management style.

Most managers and supervisors were promoted to their position because they were the cleverest engineer, the sharpest accountant, the most skilled tradesperson, the quickest administrator, the best salesperson etc. Unfortunately, their managerial suitability was usually a secondary consideration on the basis of ‘you’ll soon pick it up’, and any subsequent training was almost certainly of the ‘one size fits all’ variety. Is it any wonder therefore, that the majority end up as ineffectual walk-overs or under achieving bullies.

However, if they take what they learn from ‘FACILITOR’, and use it to compile and mould their own portfolio of management techniques, they will be head and shoulders above the managerial herd.


There is no ‘one size fits all’ tick box, template methodology that can properly prepare a manager for running their company, organisation or business unit on a daily basis. There are however proven basic principles that, when thoroughly understood and fully implemented, will support and help them achieve their goals.

Experiential engagement enables managers to recognise and unlock both their own as well as their team’s true potential. Focusing and aligning their strengths, offsetting each other’s weaknesses, and empowering them to jointly and successfully drive and deliver the vision and values of the business in a rewarding and successful way.

‘FACILITOR’ goes further than most, by embedding the training and coaching into a framework for continuous improvement, via regular ‘FAST FACTS’ top-ups. This ongoing learning process becomes a simultaneous part of their function and ‘they become the trainer as they learn to train themselves’.

‘FACILITOR’ works as a catalyst, to inspire improved internal communication and workplace harmony at every level of an organisation. Replacing resistance, whether to new or established environments and conditions, with an eagerness and enthusiasm for meeting fresh challenges, welcoming ideas, and embracing change.

‘FACILITOR’ won’t tell a manager how to run their business unit, but It will help them and their team to break free from any unnecessary baggage, preconceptions or misconceptions that are holding them back - creating an atmosphere for talented, driven people to communicate in a more effective and productive manner - empowering them to achieve their goals with optimism and enthusiasm.

Graeme Haskett
Graeme Haskett
Tel: 01333 310013   Mob: 07914 733131
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